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Since 1996 the Law Office of Paul Lynch has provided individuals and business clients with top quality legal representation. The firm is committed to achieving the highest level of satisfaction through

  1. Quality expert advice and advocacy,
  2. Superior responsiveness, and
  3. Fair and reasonable billing.

Mr. Lynch has significant experience in a wide variety of civil matters with a focus on assisting creditors in auto finance and compliance.  He has handled cases in a many forums including mediation, arbitration, state and federal courts. If you are a creditor needing to ensure compliance with federal and state consumer laws, or needing assistance with any aspect of auto finance or collection, or if you have any type of business dispute, he will work with you to find a cost-effective, sensible solution.  You will make informed decisions – you will know the expected costs, the risks, and the likelihood of success so that you have a definite and practical plan of attack.

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You need an experienced attorney who provides intelligent, practical information.  You compliance department, collection department and loan officers often have questions and need fast turn-around. Especially in the area of auto finance, it is critical that you have an attorney who is accessible and who will get you the information you need in real time – before a deal is lost or before a contract is signed.  Paul prides himself on providing clients the answers they need when they need them – not days later!


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