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Areas of Practice

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes and business litigation. Attorney Lynch has significant experience handling all types of contract claims both large and small. Mr. Lynch has prepared cases in every type of judicial and non-judicial proceeding including the Superior, District and Land Court Departments of the Massachusetts Trial Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and the Supreme Judicial Court.

While always prepared to litigate vigorously, the firm has also participated in numerous Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings ("ADR") such as arbitration and mediation. Mr. Lynch believes in participating in ADR whenever appropriate since ADR can provide a practical, workable result far more quickly and at a substantially reduced cost. Unfortunately, ADR is not always feasible and in these instances, the firm is prepared to deliver our clients the highest quality advocacy in formal court proceedings.

Mr. Lynch’s practice has involved a wide range of business disputes including real estate, construction, collection, insurance, and landlord-tenant issues. Mr. Lynch has also been involved in the negotiation, drafting, modification and review of contracts.

In any litigation it is essential that counsel communication closely with the client, and develop a clear, well thought -out plan and cost effective approach. Careful and pragmatic decisions at the start of the case can save a lot of money in the long run. Every case is unique and should be treated as such. Attorney Lynch brings a sensible and thoughtful approach to every case. This philosophy combined with practical experience gained over twenty-five years ensures a high likelihood of success while keeping close control of costs and expenses.

Collection Matters

Collection matters. Attorney Lynch represents various creditors and lenders in the collection of both large and small accounts and claims. Attorney Lynch has a detailed understanding of all aspects of the collection process including pre-judgment attachment and trustee process of bank accounts as well as reach and apply claims. The firm will enable you to pursue your rights efficiently and with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

Auto Finance and Consumer Credit

Compliance and Regulatory Issues: Mr. Lynch represents both direct and indirect lenders in federal and state regulatory compliance with a focus on auto finance law. He has a Consumer Credit Compliance Certification through the National Automotive Finance Association.
In representing both direct lenders and indirect lenders who purchase retail installment sales contracts (RISCs), the firm advises lenders the extensive array of consumer credit laws and regulations including Truth in Lending, Equal Credit Opportunity, FTC Credit Rules, Privacy Rules and Fair Debt Collection laws.

Mr. Lynch also assists lenders with state motor vehicle finance company compliance and licensing.

If you are a lender with compliance or licensing concerns, Attorney Lynch can ensure you are protected in this environment of increased regulatory oversight.