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Since 1996 the Law Office of Paul Lynch has provided individuals and business clients with top quality legal representation. In doing so the firm has remained committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction through (1) Communication (2) Responsiveness combined with the highest quality advocacy and (3) Fair and Reasonable Billing.

IIn addition to twenty years as a sole practitioner Mr. Lynch has ten years experience practicing law in Massachusetts, California and Alaska. He has significant experience in a wide variety of civil matters handling cases in a many forums including mediation, arbitration, state and federal courts. If you or your business owes or is owed money or you are faced with a disputed claim, he will work with you to find a cost effective, sensible approach. Mr. Lynch guarantees that you will make informed decisions you will know the expected costs, the risks, his best estimate as to the likelihood of success and you will both agree on a definite and well thought out plan of attack.

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